eGovernance is a specifically specialized solution for any sectors Governance need. It is a solution containing all the required automated processes for your organization under one platform. It is not only easy to use, realizable and secure but also customizable, scalable and supports multiple modules.

Specialty about eGovernance is that it not only handles the software need of an organization but also provides a way to integrated with smart devices and IoT devices to upgrade and enhance organizations into a smarter network.

It is automated and with quick report generation along with process turnaround time. It contains Authentication on different levels of application for access to data. One does not need to be an IT expert to be part of Governance. It helps organizations to go paperless therefore reducing time consumption with Hierarchical approval process of data for each transaction without any physical file movement.


This module allows to effectively manage, monitor and track entire residential facility. From allocating rooms to hostel securities. Tracking who is allowed access through hostel gates and full detail of in and out of the hostel is monitored.

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Buiness Intelligence

eGovernance add Business intelligence (BI) technology to the processes in order to analyze data, visualize information in a helpful manner, display data trends for better decision making.

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This module allows Administrators to manage the eGovernance be it managing rights for operating C.R.U.D operations (create, update, read, delete) records or dashboards. Managing authentication details, back up level management and much more.

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