IDEAL Autonetics Private Limited provides solution to all Governance needs under one platform which is secure, customizable, user friendly, efficient & accurate. Helping you upgrade towards a smarter environment for your organization!


We have successfully delivered projects to our clients and provide 24/7 support. The success stories include Distributed Biometric System on various branches of Sindh Police and IDEAL ERP's in different universities to cater various needs.

Customized Solution

Specially designed and developed with Governance needs in mind catering various modules along with integration of IoT smart devices such as Smart doors, Biometric, Face Recognition etc.

Why eGovernance:

  1. It is a specialized and customizable solution for any sector which completely automates operations with Hierarchical approval process.
  2. IDEAL Autonetics Pvt Ltd provides not only one component of the solution but the whole infrastructure with consultation from highly qualified professionals.
  3. IDEAL Autonetics is Tier 1 partner of VMWARE and DELL EMC, hence providing you with a range of options under one platform.
  4. Incorporated with latest technologies for future upgradation to lead organizations into a smarter environment.
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Smart & Secure

eGovernance provides various levels of securities from authentication to interaction on each modular level as well as device and system levels. Furthermore it allows Monitoring and Logging of all Users activities.

Not only eGovernance provides a platform to secure data but also connects the physical environment to ensure organizational security such as smart doors, face recognition and biometric facilities.


eGovernance allows real-time process tracking to be more easy and efficient. It provides tracking of data in various forms such as tracking of Job Order Documents, Hierarchical approval process of files, tracking location of files and items, vehicles issued to employees, items via barcoding etc.

Smart & Easy Visualizations

eGovernance Solution is very user-friendly, convenient and simple. You don’t have to be an IT expert to use this software. It gives access to impactful and eye catching visualizations that are extremely helpful in understanding the trends of processed information which in turn improves decision making.

Device Independent

eGovernance is device and browser independent. To have an access to our software you don’t have to be at your workplace, and hence there is no halt or hindrance in what you want to attain.

Work on the Go! See what’s going on in your organization from anywhere in the world and be connected.


Complete Solution

A fully integrated and scalable solution which can be used by any sector, business or government, specifically designed to cater your organization needs.


Smart and Quick Visualizations in forms of dashboards for real time updates as well as tracking and managing data on your fingertips from anywhere.


Customizable and integrated with your organizational needs to upgrade its environment towards a smart organization.

Save Time & Money

Get your work done instantly without losing touch with your organization from anywhere saving your time and money.

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A way to creating smarter organizational enviroment.

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